Property Brothers


Jonathan and Drew Scott are not just good looking and wealthy brothers, they are also the genius behind the HGTV show Property Brothers. The twins started building their dream when they were in highschool. They bought a $200,000 home with just a $250 down payment. They made some renovations and changes to the home and managed to sell it for $250,ooo. This was a long time ago. Now they have a multi-million dollar empire. Drew is in charge of purchasing real estates while Scott transforms the homes into what potential clients would like to buy. For several years, they studied real estate and became licensed. Soon after, the two became business partners and were accepting big projects left and right. It was only a matter of time that TV and entertainment came knocking. Now, with a group of 30 people, they buy and renovate homes and feature it on TV. Their show has about 2 million viewers every week!


Lies that real estate agents master

post-3.JPGIf you are planning to buy a property and you are new to acquiring real estate properties, you should know these top lies your real estate agent will tell you. And if ever you hear these lies or usual advices from your agent, may that agent be a professional one or even your bestfriend, you should not just walk away – you run really fast.

So here are 8.5 lies about the real estate that you should always be aware of:

1. Your home costs $450,000. I can sell it for $615,000.
2. You don’t need to shop for mortgage lender and settlement company. You’re required to utilize ours.
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Buyer and Seller Relationship


Listening to buyers is the best way to close a deal. Price being the most important factor for both seller and the buyer it is also important to develop some sort of relationship. As a result negotiation will be easy for two parties. Buyer may ask, why are they selling the property?

Seller on the other may ask, what is their financial situation? Why do they moving out? In pricing it doesn’t always to be low or high. It must be some thing else. It is how good the seller talks to the clients. If they understand each other there will be a possible buy-out.

Seven tips about online estate selling (3 of 7)

3. Appraise your property properly

Do some research, and make sure that your price is reasonable.

There are many factors that affects a property’s worth. This include the geographical location, climate, condition, type of neighborhood, history etc. For example, if your estate lies on a spot that is not very accessible definitely it wont cost as much as one which is.

Be sure to perform maintenance before you start selling it. These little investments will definitely pay off as it will surely boost your property’s market value.

Try looking for similar properties around your area and base your price on theirs.

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Cohiba Villas

1.jpgThe Cohiba Villas Resort is a project that is set in one of the Philippiness most beautiful and scenic tourist island destination of Boracay. This world class development consists of 27 luxury apartments, bar and restaurant, large infinity pool and a second home for investors or retirees. This is an opportunity to own one of the top addresses in this tropical island paradise.

The Cohiba Villas is perched on top of a cliff and all apartments have a 180 degree view of the ocean. This gated community provides ample security and convenience to all its guests which ensures them of an unforgettable vacation get away. Owners and guests can avail of the shuttle service which will transport them to the various shopping and entertainment areas in the island.

Fraud in Real Estate

post-5.jpgThe increase in the rate of fraud in real etate industry is really alarming. The fraud and other schemes are directly proportional to the boom of the real estate property market. Every year, there are more than a hundred families from different class of life are being victimized. Fraud cases involving real estate have shown to have doubled every succeeding year.

Just recently, two mortgage brokers, LaVonne Hamilton and David Kennedy were separately sentenced for their respective fraud schemes in Jackson, Mississippi.

The Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation (IRSCI) initiates investigations regarding real estate fraud cases. IRS is playing a big role in the continuous fight against these cases.

Seven tips about online estate selling (5 of 7)

5. Be security conscious
Always be on your guard, there are a lot of unscrupulous people lurking around the web. There are many prank buyers who trick people by pretending they are buyers who are interested in your property.
It is advisable not to display much personal information on the net, just provide the necessary information for the viewers.
In meeting people, never come alone and always bring someone with you. Since you are the seller, you have the privilege of deciding where the meeting place will be. Never let your guard down because even though they are prospect buyers, they are still strangers.

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Seven tips about online estate selling (2 of 7)

2. Maximize your Online Exposure

There are a lot of free sites wherein you can advertise the property that you are selling.

They need not be sites dedicated to selling properties, you can also use social networking sites, image sharing sites etc, all you need is a populated site that allows you to post text and photos.

You can also ask your friends to help you advertise your “merchandise”. This will somehow increase your chances of getting a prospect buyer. T

his may not be as effective as other pay to advertise sites, but it is a practical approach especially if you are not willing to dish out dollars for expensive advertisement.

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最愛の人が他界し最近財産を相続した場合、遺産税が存在することを覚えておきましょう。 遺産税は相続税とも呼ばれ、他界した人から相続人に相続された不動産にかかる税です。この税は遺書や各州における無遺言相続法によって決定されます。 死亡する直前に不動産を譲渡することで税金を回避できると考えている場合は、考えを改めましょう。 税の中には贈与税というものが存在し、この税は生前に不動産を譲渡する際に課税されます。

遺産税と贈与税の法律は国税収入局の規約の中で最も複雑なものの一つと考えられています。 さらに詳しい情報を知りたい場合には、 国税庁のサイトで調べることができます。また、この分野において知識の豊富な遺産税の弁護士に相談することを強くお勧めします。

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