Property Brothers


Jonathan and Drew Scott are not just good looking and wealthy brothers, they are also the genius behind the HGTV show Property Brothers. The twins started building their dream when they were in highschool. They bought a $200,000 home with just a $250 down payment. They made some renovations and changes to the home and managed to sell it for $250,ooo. This was a long time ago. Now they have a multi-million dollar empire. Drew is in charge of purchasing real estates while Scott transforms the homes into what potential clients would like to buy. For several years, they studied real estate and became licensed. Soon after, the two became business partners and were accepting big projects left and right. It was only a matter of time that TV and entertainment came knocking. Now, with a group of 30 people, they buy and renovate homes and feature it on TV. Their show has about 2 million viewers every week!




最愛の人が他界し最近財産を相続した場合、遺産税が存在することを覚えておきましょう。 遺産税は相続税とも呼ばれ、他界した人から相続人に相続された不動産にかかる税です。この税は遺書や各州における無遺言相続法によって決定されます。 死亡する直前に不動産を譲渡することで税金を回避できると考えている場合は、考えを改めましょう。 税の中には贈与税というものが存在し、この税は生前に不動産を譲渡する際に課税されます。

遺産税と贈与税の法律は国税収入局の規約の中で最も複雑なものの一つと考えられています。 さらに詳しい情報を知りたい場合には、 国税庁のサイトで調べることができます。また、この分野において知識の豊富な遺産税の弁護士に相談することを強くお勧めします。

What happens to your estate if you die without a valid will?

Leaving a will is probably one of the most sensible task to do “before you leave earth”.  Your will defines how you would like your assets used after your life.  It is just too sad that this task is often overlooked by most people.  If a person dies without a valid will, your investments and assets will be frozen until someone is appointed to take charge of your estate based on the Law of Intestacy.  You won’t have legal jurisdiction on who handles and how your assets are divided and used.  It is imperative that you sit down with a lawyer now so that loved ones are left with “your orders” and live cordially themselves.

Steps Fed Is Taking To Ease Mortgage Crisis

During a meeting of real estate professionals, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Governor Randall S. Kroszner addressed the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals Legislative Conference 2008 in Washington, D.C. on the topic of “Protecting Homeowners and Sustaining Homeownership.”

He said on the speech that the mortgage market has been one of the pillars of the US Economy. But now it is facing major confrontation, especially in the in helping people who have shorter or weaker credit records.


Seven tips about online estate selling (4 of 7)

4. Act professionally

Since you are selling your properties online, and without the aid of an estate agent it is normal for people to have doubts. There are many of scammers on the web that people have grown extra careful in making deals online.

Entertain all inquiries nicely. It would be a great plus if you treat every prospect buyer in a friendly and accommodating manner. Tend to their questions in detail.

Remember that no matter how inconvenient or annoying they may be, they are prospect buyers so it is better to keep your cool. Never be late for an appointment, the idea of wasting their time might spoil a good transaction.

To be Continued…

New Jersey Shining Gems

shoresPeople who have fallen victim to the economic troubles have an unexpected bonus, if you could call it that. More time, time to spend with family and to focus on the thing most Americans have taken for granted for quite sometime, quality time. With people laying back on expenses while still managing to hold onto their jobs, they are indeed taking more breaks than often.
New Jersey has a lot to offer for people who love to invest in new vacation properties. The area of Sea Isle has some of the best with rental and properties for sale all around. Family oriented and quiet, it makes for quality time spent with the most important people on earth, your family. With attractions for everybody of all ages making your vacation count after the long disappointments of these rough times.

Seven tips about online estate selling (2 of 7)

2. Maximize your Online Exposure

There are a lot of free sites wherein you can advertise the property that you are selling.

They need not be sites dedicated to selling properties, you can also use social networking sites, image sharing sites etc, all you need is a populated site that allows you to post text and photos.

You can also ask your friends to help you advertise your “merchandise”. This will somehow increase your chances of getting a prospect buyer. T

his may not be as effective as other pay to advertise sites, but it is a practical approach especially if you are not willing to dish out dollars for expensive advertisement.

To be continued…

The local market condition of South Carolina according to Real Times

The residential sales of Beaufort County, South Carolina have been reported to double from last year December to January 2008. This market has a continual increase up to the end of March. This healthy projection will carry the market up to the end of 2008.

Chris Skrip, who is responsible for the information, says that the high demand and low supply for coastal area that are still left undiscovered insures the stability of market for Beaufort County. There are other people who share the same thought.

Beaufort County in South Carolina has been consistently ranking on the top ten list of conducive places to live after retirement.

Moving out, Moving in: Comparing Cost of Living

post-2.jpgIf you are planning to move out of your current place, and you have different prospect places to move into, it is highly suggested that you first compare the cost of living in these different places before deciding where to finally move in.

Consider the cost to maintain your same lifestyle from moving out to moving in. Also consider the additional cost in expenses like utilities, health care, transportation and other housing costs.

To help you with this, has an application that calculates the comparison of how far your salary can get you over numbers of major cities from different states. You might want to check it out.

ホリデー・レンタル・ハウスを買う – その1



  • 充実した時間を求めてここにいるのですから、とにかく美しくて、落ち着ける環境であること。
  • 人災や自然災害の心配のないこと。 海岸侵食で有名な場所のビーチ・ハウスは買わないこと。 同じく、地震で有名な場所にある崖のそばの家も、どんなに素敵な物件でも、いただけません。
  • 人気のある場所でなくてはならないがありすぎも駄目。 通常、ホリデー中の人たちは平和と静けさを求めていますから、他のホリデー客でごった返されるのも嫌でしょう。
  • アクセル可能な場所でなければならない事。 ホリデー客は、通常旅行先まで、3,4時間の移動時間なら我慢出来るものです(勿論海外旅行の場合ですが)。 素晴らしい行き先に到達する為だけに、長距離フライトの後で、森の中を何時間もかけて運転したくないものです。