Property Rentals Rise

Commercial rental properties was one of the worst hit sectors affected by the housing market crash for as businesses exposed to the many economic arms that got in trouble businesses got so broke they shut-down. Rental Property vacancies used to be at an all time high (actually for several years now) but it seems a brighter future is in sight.

In some major global cities, property rentals for commercial property seems to be up that may be a sign businesses are starting to recover. The problem is that this time round, they are more cautious and are taking the necessary steps to avoid such great exposure they may never recover again. Even as big businesses still try to deal with the effects of the recession (which some say is over and some say is still here) there is some good news that it may be over soon.

Pavarotti Estate Divided

3.jpgThe estate of the late tenor Luciano Pavarotti was divided among his second wife and his four daughters. During his yearlong pancreatic cancer battle, the singer signed half of his assets to his second wife and the half among his daughters in accordance with Italian law. There were reports that his three daughters from his previous marriage were fighting for control of his estate and other holdings in the United States, which was entrusted to Mantovani.

According to Pavarotti’s manager however, there is no truth to the rumors that there was in house squabbling for wealth supposedly hidden from his children out of his first marriage. The last will and testament of the late singer was made public out of the request of his second wife to clear the issue that the singer indeed left half of his estate to his second wife.

Kenya’s Booming Estate


Kenya seems to be gearing towards development specially in the real estate department. There have been many new projects with building of different housing in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. But this is not just happening in Kenya alone. Countries in Africa like Ghana and Nigeria are now having much progress. This is making people from the middle class to move to the city and get employment for a better life.

This means that housing is definitely needed, and fast. However, this change has not been appreciated by many. If you are not aware yet, Nairobi has so much fertile land which can be used for farming that will help people with their livelihood. But experts are saying that this is still an opportunity for people to have work building houses. This will give people in Nairobi jobs in construction. It will also give architects and engineers more projects.

Estate Planning

post3.JPGBasically, estate planning is a process that involves people. It may include your family, friends, other people and in some cases, charitable or non-profit organizations. It also of course involves your estate or properties in whatever form of ownership those assists are in. It will also include preparing for your future requirements in case of an event that will render you incapable of taking care of yourself.

Important details that you can settle with estate planning includes: how your properties will be managed for you and your beneficiaries benefit and who will manage them. Another is what circumstances would cover the distribution of your assets including the manner how they will be distributed. Finally, how will your health be managed and taken cared of when you lose the ability to do it yourself.

Real Estate Fraud

post4.JPGReal estate fraud actually encompasses a broad subject who covers deception or malicious schemes in the real estate industry. There are typically two major types of real estate fraud to consider, mortgage fraud and title fraud.

In Mortgage fraud, it is usually financial institutions that become victims of unscrupulous individuals. These financial institutions lend the money to purchase property. However, individuals will artificially inflate the value of the property in order to get a higher mortgage than the actual price. In Title Fraud, most victims are homeowners when individuals using false or stolen identity transact with them in order to transfer the title under the fraudsters name. This type of fraud can also evolve to mortgage fraud when the fraudster applies for a mortgage on the falsely acquired title.

No Time To Look

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You want to do it but you really do not have the time.

This is like: the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. People usually have time for the things they have to do and none for the things they want to do. If you want to succeed in the real estate investment business, you will have to participate in its necessary daily activities like looking for a property, evaluating it, making and negotiating offers, overseeing repair works or even managing it when it becomes yours. Wanting alone will not get the job done. It would take a little investment of your time. If you have a regular job, perhaps you can scout for potential property investment after office hours or during weekends. If there’s a will, there’s a way.

Non-Home Spending Rises

developmentspendThe surprising development has figures showing that non-home development spending has increased by a point and a half compared to the previous month and better than figures from the same period last year. maybe an after effect of the good news the housing market got last February when there was a sudden positive rise in the home marketing index. The good news was however dampened by most of the negative economic data that surfaced but in today’s recession wrecked world, any good news is still good. There is a good side to all the dropping prices for as it can be seen, the rock-bottoming of the market may be at that said point for realtors and other industry experts/analysts are reporting that the pricing index for new homes has stabilized somewhat to the same level. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips for Quick Sale

post-7.jpgSo you are planning to sell your house. Then read these top ten effective tips to sell our house quickly from property consultant and founder of UK’s Home Stagers company, Lina Jesson.

  1. Maintenance. Fix all things you have never got doing around. These include squeaky floorboards, missing curtain hooks, door hinges and the like.
  2. Exterior eye-candy. Paint the exterior of your house nicely. This will surely catch buyers’ attention.
  3. Declutter. Clear out all clutters before letting buyers in to your house.
  4. Clear view. Clear and clean window panes. Let daylight shine the house.

For the complete list, visit Tina’s Top Ten Tip for a Quick Sale.

What is Home Inspectio for?


Home inspection provides the investor on how much the property can be sell. Significant defects may affect the value of the property. It is very important to have inspection report. it will be the basis for the assumption how long will last the property. Typically the report will show the status of the systems in the house.It shows which parts on the house that needs to be repaired. In this case buyers can negotiate the price. Buyers can ask the seller to repair the defects on the property before the buy-out. Or it can be the other way around, seller may opt to lower the price or simply deduct the cost of repair into asking price.

Seven tips about online estate selling (1 of 7)

Here are some tips about selling your estate online.

1. Choose the right website for you

Online, there are sites that feature lists of properties for sale. Information, specifications and images can be posted, including the estimated price. The contact number of the seller is of course displayed.

Most of these sites require user registrations, and many of them are free. Some sites however require payment as they provide additional services and better exposure.

Although you may be contented with the free ones, the sites with better viewing stats and features are those who require payment, but both just works equally well. Choose the website which will suit your needs.

To be continued…